Every day in a megalopolis we face the problem of comparison, an overabundance of unnecessary, as well as fundamentally incorrect information, which, in turn, leads to the problem of making the right choice, the decision that will play in our favor.

I would like to dispel a few myths invented by someone who would not want to see you in the rows of yoga practitioners.

Myth # 1: I'm as hard as a rock, so yoga isn't for me.

The Truth: If you are not a dancer or a gymnast, you have never done stretching, you have not stretched your body, it is perfectly normal to feel joint stiffness or muscle looseness. So, it seems impossible to touch your toes while leaning forward with straight legs, but believe me, I know for sure that regular practice of Hatha yoga will develop your flexibility. The main thing is to be patient and practice systematically from 2 to 6 times a week.

Myth # 2: I'm already in the gym, yoga is the same.

The Truth: many types of exercises in the gym provide excellent training for all parts of the body, but only Hatha yoga can also claim to be a "Wellness system" that helps to restore injured people or change for the better the course of a chronic illness, as well as to find mental balance. The main difference between yoga and just gymnastics is that the main focus is put on your breathing and your feeling of the body and yourself, and not on what your girlfriend or friend is doing.

Myth # 3: Yoga is only for girls.

The Truth: Hmmm. I think there are classes that are only for girls. But yoga in general does not apply to them at all. Moreover, historically, the greatest yoga teachers for 2,000 years have been men!

Myth # 4: Doing yoga is too slow and boring.

The Truth: Once I sticked to it and for a whole year forgot about the existence of yoga. Some styles of yoga do have a slow pace, such as Iyengar yoga, but for example, Vinyasa yoga classes offer a faster, dynamic pace and infinitely new challenges. Find your own, do not drop out immediately after choosing a wrong class, teacher or style. Yoga, in my opinion, is one of the most exciting activities that you can imagine!

Myth # 5: Fear that practice of yoga will involve you in a religious sect, and you will give up your home in exchange for a rug and the love of Guru.

The Truth: yoga is not a religion! In the broad original sense, this is a philosophy, but now it is more a method of physical movements that leads to better health. If Raja yoga is a belief system, and it is created in order to become closer to yourself, but the practice as a lifestyle is chosen by 1 person out of 10 thousand and only if they choose it themselves.

Myth # 6: I can't do yoga... I like to go out with friends for a couple of glasses of wine, I like parties and hangouts, etc. I'm hooked, and yoga is for healthy lifestyle... but I would like to..

The Truth: Relax! you can still have a glass of wine, two or even three, but choose a day and time and start practicing! Over time, you will naturally come to a healthy lifestyle without restrictions, to a simple understanding of the importance of health. Maybe your friends can catch up, too.

Myth 7: Yoga for strange and lost people.

The Truth: I really hope that thanks to Instagram and other channels of information, the correct promotion of yoga has penetrated all layers of society, and the myth that only freaky, dirty, bad-smelling people who sleep on glass and walk on coals are engaged in yoga is gone. But just in case, if you suddenly think so, then decide to come to a trial class in Hatha yoga: in 99% of cases, you will be met by a beautiful, athletic, well-groomed and cheerful person, your coach, who will wholeheartedly wish that you were well and comfortable! New studios are equipped with huge windows, fragrant sticks, fresh delicious tea, healthy snacks, comfortable mats. Think about whether all this could have been created by people who were lost and offended by life ?

So do not be shy and join yoga classes ! :)