To get out of your comfortable zone ?!

It is quite unusual to ask yourself such a question. And it's even harder to do the action. The most important thing is that the motivation is unclear.

The main accompanying link of comfort is a habit. We get used to space, objects, people, emotions and feelings.. In our ordinary, familiar world, there is an order of things and thoughts. IT IS KNOWN. Predictable. Checked. Safely. It is unlikely that something can surprise or frighten.

Our limbic (emotional) brain develops patterns of behavior for routine events that are predictable for it. But if something in this order is violated, then we believe that everything becomes upside down. One has only to imagine that we violate our habits and rituals, as fear, anxiety and inconvenience immediately appear. I didn't drink coffee in the morning ☕, working side by side with the family at home 24/7 during the quarantine 👩 👧 👧 , parting with a loved one ❤ ❤ ❤ ... All this can lead to stress. In our ordered world, there is enough of it already. Nah, I don't need this zone of discomfort.

🤔 Or do you need it?

There is an opinion that the feeling of comfort counteracts the development and achievement of great results. For example, a monotonous, unloved routine job with a constant and expected salary makes a person work on the principle of "and so it will do" without incentives to do his job better. We do not demand more from ourselves. But if you change your approach to this "and so it will come down" to "efficiency", then this will definitely count if successful. When a person leaves his comfort zone, he makes himself "vulnerable" and may even fail in a new business and in the adjustment of a well-known and tortured process. But without this, he will not expand his own capabilities and will not motivate himself to work more efficiently next time. A year ago, I radically changed my working rhythm, changing from an office job to a yoga coach, motivated by 4 years of yoga practice experience. So far, I have never regretted it 😂 

As I wrote above, an attempt at something new and unconventional, or even the thought of it, can cause us a feeling of fear or even panic. After all, the situation is new and non-standard. But every time we change our environment or social circle, we will be able to adapt better and better to the turbulence of life. We will become emotionally stronger. During the May holidays we went on a hike to the Ruza reservoir. This is by no means a familiar situation for me. And did they take everything, and whether the car will pass, and whether animals will attack us at night, and whether other tourists will not bother us, but what about ticks..? There are a lot of fears, worries and obstacles in the brain just to avoid doing this. But the main thing is to do it now, not tomorrow, thinking about how difficult it is. Everything turned out with a bang - the sun, nature, solitude, sunsets and sunrises, swimming in the reservoir, a positive charge and, of course, surya yoga 😁 

But at the same time, I want to note a very important thing: all people are different. Not everyone can and should leave their "comfort zone": a person can simply "get lost" and not get together in new conditions for him. And for most people, it is a vital prerogative to strive for a comfort zone and gain a foothold in it. Take away this goal and what will remain then? It is important to understand and remember this.