I have written this artical in the ancient Indian city, where my spiritual journey began. I came across a wonderful book by Osho "The Path of Meditation". I’ll not talk about the power of the narrative of this great mastermind: there are many conflicting views and opinions and this is not accidental. The one who decides can make a conclusion by reading his books. I would like to note only one important point taken from his stories, lines and statements - this is the greatest optimism!

So... When I arrived in India, I decided to study the practice at the “Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Institute”, founded by Pattabhi Jois.

The first morning practice was difficult. It was held in an unusual style for me, where my place was limited by a mat, where there were stronger and more experienced students, where the whole atmosphere was saturated with breath and warmth from the bodies. At that time, I didn't have brightest thoughts, but the decision was made, and I didn't want to back down.

"What can I do?", - I thought and more and more doubts tormented me.

In such a situation, you need to have the courage to start getting rid of pessimistic thoughts. If you decide to find a way to yourself, if you expand the boundaries of the usual things, undoubtedly, you have chosen development. But it is also a difficult path and you need to be optimistic!

My inspiration was Osho and his thoughts in that time:

"When every cell in your body radiates optimism, every pore is filled with optimism, every breath is filled with optimism, every thought is full of optimism, when your vital energy is full of optimism, when your heartbeat is full of optimism! When your whole being is optimistic, a certain climate is created, where boundaries are erased and the beyond opens up".

I started focusing on it, and it turned out how right he was!

In the end, let's try to start even not the most important business with a pessimistic, sad mood. You will feel that pessimism also affects your personality, your character. Every molecule of the body is depressed and sad. Fatigue, despair, laziness, and uncertainty become companions, and outwardly you seem alive, but spiritually you are long dead. And now imagine that such a person goes for a journey searching for something really great, vast, powerful and eternal. Will he be able to cope?

The journey along the spiritual path is the most difficult path for any person. The depths of our subconscious are deeper than the ocean, and the peaks are the highest!

" ... carry this confidence that if someone ever knows the rest, that if someone ever experienced bliss, it is possible for you. Don't humiliate yourself with pessimism. To feel pessimistic is to insult yourself. This means that you do not consider yourself worthy to know the truth. And I say to you: you, my dear, are worthy and you will certainly achieve this..." (c) Osho

Osho has given me strength, confidence and a magical self-belief that helped me to overcome uncertainty, pain, distrust and laziness!

"The Path of Meditation" is a great start and can help those who are in a search !

Believe in yourself and be optimistic in all your beginnings!