When mothers keen on yoga come to my practice they usually ask: "Is it possible to bring children? from what age, will it benefit?".

I will comment on it.

Undoubtedly, children's yoga is different from adult practices! Therefore, if your child is less than 9 years old, children's practices are most likely suitable for them.

Practices for kids are available from the age of 6. A teacher opens up to young practitioners the magical world of fairy tales, in which children can turn into stretching dogs, cats, fierce scorpions, wise snakes, as well as under the guise of a flexible tree to balance on one leg and reach for the sun or boldly soar, stretching and lengthening arms (wings).

In contrast to adult practices it is much more difficult to capture and hold the attention of children. It is necessary to change constantly, paint colorfully the atmosphere of a fairy tale, in which by all means you must sincerely believe to yourself!

Having worked with children for about 4 years I can say with the confidence that children's yoga is useful not only for strengthening, stretching and proper development of the body, but also for the inner state of good and light, which is clearly or not carried by yoga practice. And this in turn will always help in choosing the life path and goals of an already grown-up person!

In addition to it, mothers will also have a good opportunity to work out themselves ;)

Great practices, small and big!