There are plenty of different yoga trends. The very essence of yoga is based on the experience of feeling oneself as an individual, like a separate world, self-discovery and self-understanding. Therefore, you can safely assign each practice its own direction.

But still lets talk a little bit about the foundations that exist in this area. 

So if you decide to devote your life to learning yoga philosophy, then you would better take as a basis Raja Yoga through which you can achieve mind control, understanding of the difference between reality and illusion, to liberate and to go beyond matter. This great practice is divided into eight stages and is also called Ashtanga Yoga, "eight-step yoga", or the highest yoga.

If you want to limit yourself only with «body-building», then this is Hatha Yoga practice. Its purpose is to prepare the body for complex meditations. But if you are not ready and afraid of this, then just perform the asana and be pure of body. This is a great way to learn various aspects of the body using asanas and pranayamas. Hatha yoga will give a strong rod, a strong flexible body, a calm mind. It goes without saying that they are irreplaceable helpers in the social world.

Another separate layer of yoga philosophy that originated in the South of India is Kundalini. These schools are aimed at meditations and awakening of Kundalini energy.

I would like to suggest your careful and cautiously treating to such practices! They are great if you are ready, if you have a strong healthy body and a clean mind. If you are not you should start with Hat-ha yoga and choose your own individual style.

Yoga is different but similar in one way: without hard work, without self-motivation and discipline, it is just a dissimulation and waste of time.

Start with one step and don't stop until the last breath.

Enjoy your practice!