Practice of yoga is an ancient method of learning infinite energy. It is a path of enlightenment, awareness and liberation. In ancient times valuable yogic knowledge was passed on only in a direct way: from the teacher "Guru", who conducted the practice tet-a-tet with his student "Sadhaka". Carefully a teacher observed behavior, mood, and determination of the practitioner. In addition, he studied carefully his health, lifestyle, personal qualities and willingness to accept new knowledge.

Now we live in the period of globalization when everyone knows everything and everyone shares this "everything" with anyone at any time without hesitation. Yes we can just go to zoom app and be the practitioner # 58 in a class without even turning on the cameras.

I still believe that an individual approach is the most accurate and invaluable, especially for beginners to practice yoga, as well as for those who want to develop themselves and to try more, but do not know how!

However we are tried to be stigmatised, we remain individual, each of us is a unique creation. Do not forget about it!

Here are a few good reasons to make yourself a really valuable gift !

1. The rhythm of the city does not always coincide with the regularly scheduled group classes. With an individual approach you will always find the most convenient time for your pace of life.

2. There will be focus on your specific problem, if you have any. It will be unmasked, studied and eliminated. For example, insomnia or lower back pain. Through yoga, through a conversation with a teacher I got rid of many of my complex ailments and now I share my methods with my practitioners!

3. Researching and development of asanas that you have misunderstood and missed in group classes. It is much easier to learn correctly at first than to retrain an incorrectly formed asana. Your body will thank you very much for such attention.

4. Practice to mastering a complex pose that you think is unattainable or impossible. At a private meeting with the teacher, you can focus on the group of asanas that are difficult for you and quickly find the right technique for performing them. It will allow you to develop the body without injuries.

Make a fresh start with broader knowledge and more informed approach.

So, if you are a beginner and have never tried yoga I suggest you a to-do list:

1. Surf on the Internet and choose 4-6 the most interesting yoga trends for you.

2. Come to at least 4-5 different group classes with different yoga trends.

3. Talk to teachers and ask them brief questions after class to find out if you like communication.

4. Decide to take at least 6-10 individual classes to understand the "ABC" of yoga practice.

5. Continue to attend group classes.

6. Take 5-10 individual lessons with your teacher every 2-4 years to develop further.

and one more thing to underline…

If you can't work directly with your teacher, please, try not to look at a person who is next to you in the group!

And even more! Don't look at your teacher until you start trusting him.

Listen to your body. It will tell you everything.