Summer is the season of holidays, sunny long days and warm nights. For many of us, it is the time of small life inside a big one. For me it always means happy and hot practice!

It is the morning time. I'm in "shavasana" on a yoga mat in the shade of a Moscow park, relaxed and happy. Suddenly I realize that I'm just overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for this life, for the place where I am, for myself and for the method that allowed me to feel all these experiences.

My journey into the world of yoga began with pure selfishness, to improve my own body and health. It turned out that this beginning changed my whole perspective. Now after more than 8 years of practice I can say so.

I am concentrating at the point between the eyebrows with tears running down my cheeks, express my recognition and absolute devotion to the practice.

Thank you for the vitality, unity, revolution, found love and pure joy that you ignite in my heart. Thank you for the space for endless growth that has opened up to my mind.

Thank you for the opportunity to breathe consciously.

Thank you for the understanding of the physical sensation, extending exhalations, as if to open the clamp in the chest and to release all the old things that no longer have a place to be. My breathing now helps me let go of a hard day's work with ease. On a mental level I get rid of fear and come to the unity of mind, body and soul.

Thank you for the ability to concentrate, to notice when I can allow new things to enter my life. During the days when I didn't create space for evolution, for new life force, my inner world was in constant doubt and in small tosses. I feel strong when I make a promise to myself, and my doubts disappear with each new try!

Thank you for the daily 90 minutes of my empty and clear mind.

Thanks for the laugh.

Those practices when I try to do something new and fall flat on a soft spot or reproduce not the most pleasant sounds stopping for a moment and laughing uncontrollably, teach me not to take everything too seriously.

Thank you for the handstand and my upside-down world that helps me not only see new perspectives, but develop a strong core!

We are constantly moving. You cannot fix and create stagnation with common beliefs, so you can suffocate. We need to be strong inside, to move.

Thank you for the balancing poses that make it clear that balance cannot be learned or known. "In some days we are firm and determined to endure the storm without moving, in other days to the contrary, we swing because of a light breeze."

Thank you for the poses that are still beyond my control and sometimes seem impossible. They show me that there is always something more perfect and beautiful.

Thank you for calmly overcoming the discomfort. If I feel my heartbeat quicken, sweat appears. I move in the direction of my strength and become more resilient. Without excessive self-pity there are no barriers and boundaries to achieve the goal.

Thank you for the FLEXIBILITY of my chest, where the heart feels free. For opening my hip joints, which relieved me of the pain of my injuries.

Thank you for the power that heals! This spark that I always find on my mat and my aspiration doesn't waver.

Thank you for my journey deeper and deeper through the physical body and the discovery of the emotional landscape, as well as the opportunity to purify it.

Thank you for the days when I don't want to get up from the couch, when my ego is crying and swollen with pain, but I'm going to try anyway. I just need to hear my breath, feel the need to be alone, feel myself here, listen to life, awaken the soul and enjoy the full day.

Thank you for the days when listening to the breathing of others makes me realise that nothing is lonely. Everything is just like me. Breathing, fighting, living.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of the ancient traditions of yoga life.

Thank you for the infinitely beautiful world that you have opened to me!

I wish everyone to find their own yoga and never let it go. 

Meet the new horizons.