Well, I am a woman and I think I do not decide whether yoga is necessary for men and for what aims exactly. But quite by chance I looked into a popular men's magazine (I will not specify the name), where I read an article about yoga. The whole purpose of yoga practice is duration, quality, endurance in bed, literally, "to become the God of sex". Of course, hot sex is not enough for someone, but the goal of yoga has never been to indulge feelings and momentary desires, even, on the contrary, some restraint, for the sake of internal gain, which allows you to recharge and eventually give out what was written in that article!

And so it is clear that I was inspired to write, but not only that.

How can yoga help men, besides sex, I mean? My first teacher and mentor is a man. By the time I met him, he had been 65 years old. He looked, as I remember now, like a "fluttering light moth". As I learned much later, his past was complex and not a standard at all. Yoga not only changed his life, but may have saved it and is still helping him grow and develop. After spending many hours with him, asking various questions, I can safely say that this article is not based on my feelings or ideas of who men are, but on a living example that opened for me all aspects and benefits of yoga for men, but rather for everyone.

Here are some advantages that are not described in men's magazines that changed life of my mentor. And it can transform your life either.

Spirit of competition.

Men are especially haunted by the spirit of competition, which is usually instilled in childhood and youth. My teacher was constantly compared with his older brother. This led to the fact that, as he grew older, he began to hate his brother and envy his success. The feeling of unhappiness and dissatisfaction constantly haunted him, because he was not like his brother. Only since many years later, when he went to an Ashram in India, stayed there for more than 5 years, and met his yoga teacher, who told him, "focus your eyes only on your Mat, your practice has nothing to do with your neighbor or anyone else," he began to understand life and happiness from small details, from Simple breathing.

Not a sport.

Most fitness programs are aimed at pumping and developing individual parts of the body. At the same time, you are left with your anxiety, stress, and anger. No one to care. But what about health? If your mind is tense, if your heart is not calm, there is no wellness program. You might be able to get some fat off your belly or your leg muscles by doing more ABC training, but in the end, who cares? Who will take care of you? In addition, and don't even deny it, everyone wants painless movements and flexibility, to be at peace with their body and be happy! Yes, Yes, be happy!!! Practice yoga for your own pleasure, not for general recognition of strength or evaluation of your muscles.

Outside of public opinion.

Stop carrying this heavy burden of worrying about what others ("even those closest to you") think about you. It will just exhaust you.

When my teacher openly stated that he did not want to work at his old job anymore, that he wanted to take a time break and go to India, his family and friends turned away. More than 10 years passed in practice before the torment went away and he realized that he made the right choice. His wife filed for divorce and they never saw each other again. Two of his best friends were found dead at funeral, and the third one came to his home in Sri Lanka more than 20 years later and asked for help, because he could not figure out his own life.

With yoga my mentor found his inner compass: health, diets, ethics and ways to communicate with different people. A deep understanding has come that the body is a gift in this short life and should be valued and loved. Stay away from public opinion, look for the best, your own way of life, love your body.

Not selfishness.

Yoga helps to determine the degree of confidence. This shows the authenticity and necessity of basic desires. Be determined to grow your essence, to become authentic, and not to help your ego in its small desires. The true essence will provide an opportunity for growth!


There was a time in my teacher's life when he wanted to run away from people. He was tired of relations, of being tested, and he wanted to hide in a cave and meditate. Once he told me that if he had known yoga before, he would not have destroyed the family or simply would not have created it in the first place.

Yoga has discovered true spirituality: when you run away from people, you can't hide from yourself. The practice of meditation has shown that all the demons are in the head, and not in the surrounding people. You can't run away from reality, you have to learn to understand it!

Dear practitioners, while practicing yoga, strive not only for sexuality and endurance, but also for more complex but exciting high goals!