A friend of mine is keen on running. Indeed, running is an amazing cardio workout.

But my friend constantly complains of pain in her knees. As it turned out, running has a negative side. It overloads joints and you have strong tension in the muscles of the legs, shoulders and hips. When we began practicing yoga, then we found salvation in taking a break for yoga while running, as well as 30 minutes after. Not only did the side effects disappear completely, but the process improved itself.

Yoga and running is a great combination for a full daily workout. Practically the following happens:

1. Improved flexibility increases your range of motion and you run faster.

2. Greater concentration on the movement itself and every area of the body while running. It helps to bypass difficult sections of the road or sudden bumps and irregularities, which prevent the fall or sprain.

3. Increased hamstring and hip strength.

4. Improved overall fitness level and increased endurance.

5. Pain and weakness - tight muscles in the legs, thighs, and shoulders - cause pain in other parts of the body, such as the lower back or neck. Yoga with proper stretching helps to solve the problems of tightness. Running is much more pleasant without pain!

6. Breathing. Yoga literally teaches proper deep breathing, which is indispensable in running. Understanding the connection between physical movement and inhaling and exhaling is the foundation of effective training. Breathing practices will help improve lung function, reduce internal agitation and develop different types of running.

7. Total presence: yoga meditations teach you to be in the present moment, whether it is hard or easy to accept yourself and your body, observe and just run. This makes running a happy pastime.

8. Relaxation: yoga always gives time for complete relaxation at the end of active practice. Having realized this pattern in yoga classes, give your body a rest. Thank your body after running and then you will not be broken and tired!

I wish you healthy and happy running!