We have already an idea that yoga practice is different from fitness, dance, sports or gymnastics. But what is the difference exactly? Why are there no mirrors in traditional yoga schools?! What is the concentration in yoga and where should it be directed?

Many people who have just started the path of yoga know about the end point of the path, the highest level of yoga, eternal bliss, pure mind, balance and peace, Nirvana, Samadhi. Here I will note another important practical point for a more balanced way to achieve bright goals!

If you have decided and confirmed your decision to do yoga, choose a practice, for example, Hatha yoga for beginners, read about bandhas and find the most favorite and comfortable t-shirt for classes.

I will describe one technique, so that when you find yourself on a mat for the first time, for sure, there will be no time for boredom, shyness and a distracted lost look around.

There is an ancient Drishti technique based on concentration. Drishti is performed in combination with asanas, Vinyasas and bandhas, but if you want, you can try it wherever you are or right now.

So, relax your eyes as much as possible and start consciously directing all your attention inside, as if collecting yourself bit by bit, becoming a whole, unified being.

Then try to fix your eyes on one of the 8 objects (the most comfortable at the moment):

- fingers (hastagra)

- big toe (pathirage)

- navel (abichaker)

- point between the eyebrows (bhrumadhya)

- tip of the nose (nasagra)

- one of the hands (in angustata)

- far up (Antara)

- right or left (Parshva).

Take your eyes as far as possible through the selected object, feel, immerse yourself in your feelings and remember them.

In this way when you come to practice, you will know which objects are worthy of the most careful attention!

Forget the environment and anxiety. Study, explore, look deep, this is the only way to achieve the most beautiful asana.

Great practices and new knowledge!

Be happy!