Advanced yogis know for sure, that systematic practice changes lives. Undoubtedly for the better. They have become fanatics in some way, ready to talk days and nights about the beneficial effects for the body, mind, soul, lifestyle and everything else. Endlessly tell and show the benefits, cherish in all chats, demonstrate in instgram and YouTube and shout from the rooftops in the morning! By the way, some of us do really scream... The truth is that the medal has two sides or even more…

I would like to share some very good reasons in my opinion not to start or continue yoga classes. I note that I do not want to dissuade you at all. This article is written solely for the purpose of saving you from any pain and suffering. After all, everything we do should be with joy and for good.

Here is a short list:

The more you immerse yourself in the practice of yoga, the more clearly your body will tell you that it must get rid of useless things. If you're a big fan of food and pampering your palate, it might be worth skipping yoga classes and trying cooking classes.

It won't be much fun if you find yourself on the Mat at 6:00 am after you've driven around 5 clubs and gone to bed at 4:00 or sat through the most important project of your life and didn't notice the dawn. Practice of yoga will greatly affect your biological rhythm and, perhaps, someone's "pathic" days will be numbered. Is this what you really want?

Yoga practice is impossible without a positive view on everything, without balance and constant calm happiness. If your life is a love drama with meetings, breakups, endless experiences of various emotional impulses, eccentric attacks and desires, then you risk to loose all this by moving into the depths of yoga.

A mat is like a mirror. Every time we get up and do asanas, we observe ourselves. Sometimes something does not work out and then comes the understanding that only I can fix it, improve it, change my practice. Life is not pleasant for everyone. If you are one of those who constantly blame others for their failures and defeats, yoga will bring disappointment. In the yoga world there are no guilty and right, there is happiness and misery. The second is not accepted!

Yoga teaches silence not only external, but also internal, when there are no thoughts, emptiness.

If life means for you to discuss someone's jacket, car, dog, etc., chat with girlfriends about girlfriends, retell tall tales and gossip of social life, most likely, after regular practice, you will be interested in other things and acquaintances will most likely become exes.

Yes, things go far into the background, and at some point you realize that you only need 8 pairs of yoga pants and 8 t-shirts.

Different things can happen in yoga classes. Sometimes a teacher with his remark is like a knife to the heart, or bloating in the midst of practice, or your thoughts and emotions are in a strong decline. If you are opposed to public emotional displays, the practice may block you even more. Yoga practitioners will always share their experience with the teacher and will be natural.

Practice of yoga is a close contact and total study of yourself natural. With practice you cognise the mind and understand emotions. If you are someone who doesn't want to learn, then it is better to skip yoga classes.

With practice, the body becomes more plastic and soft. The hard parts, the reflections of the deepest clamps of your subconscious are gone. The heart becomes loving and open. If you are not one of those who are ready for this, then...

Boldly following the path of yoga we learn more and more about ourselves every day, begin to listen and hear our body, understand thoughts, control emotions and appreciate all this! Of course, you can't help noticing how habits affect you. At some point, this will destroy your desire to drink, smoke, swear, eat fast food, stay up late, or drive very fast. If you endlessly love your wild and crazy, risky life on the edge of a knife, then enjoy it. Do not do yoga.

I hope you didn't take everything written here too seriously. Of course, there are yogis who drink, smoke and eat more than they need, but still yoga can change your life. And it does change lives.

This happened to me, but I am immensely happy!

You are the drivers of your life and choose your own speed, pace and direction!

All great practices, different, but always sincere!