If you are lucky enough to have already met your guru, I congratulate you. But if you are still searching for inspiration for practice, looking for the features of the person who will help and support you, no matter what happens, then I suggest considering the portrait I have compiled of "that very person".

Here are some signs of a great teacher, in my personal opinion!

1. He directs, but does not tell.

A yoga lesson is a dialogue, a relationship, but not a lecture. The best teacher is always with you on the Mat, encourages by personal example, shares the technique. Don't try to have all the answers blindly. Just watch and catch the connection. The best teacher will help you find the answer and the light!

2. He knows you.

The best teacher will get aquatinted with you. Yoga practice is much broader than your body. The great teacher sees you as a your own person. He will pay attention to your physical characteristics, but he will also be interested in how you eat or find out how your cat is doing. He will always show care and is ready to contact you.

3. He practices and speaks about it.

The most amazing teacher burns with practice and is always a student. Every single day, he strives to develop, learn more, and improve asanas every day. The best teacher will show you that they are just like you. He knows that life is practice.

4. He teaches you.

A great teacher will not demonstrate perfect Sanskrit and talk about brilliant auras, trying to prove his superiority. He will not show you the most difficult asanas or surprise you with his vegan clothes. In fact, the best teacher knows that the yoga class is for you, not for himself. He shares with you what you can accept now using a language you can understand.

5. He is a human.

A great teacher has not only a calm face during a practice, he also has a face you can meet at the market or in a store. He is by no means a "super human" and he does not hide it. But he is honest, sincere and real!

I wish you to have such teachers! And not only in yoga!